Rosasol®: water-soluble NPK specialty fertilisers

The advantages of ROSASOL fertilisers are:

ROSASOL®: a recognised know-how

ROSASOL® fertilisers are primarily used in fertirrigation: drip-irrigation, micro-sprinklers, capillary tubes, sprinklers, central pivot...

ROSASOL®: providing advantages for the user

Within a context of scarcer water resources and production optimisation, ROSASOL® provides users with real advantages:

  • Time saving
  • Better fertiliser and water management
  • Less risk of a mistake: ready-to-use products
  • Quantity adapted to different plant development stages;
  • Reduced risk of leaching and water eutrophication.

ROSASOL®: state of the art production

The Moustier production facility built in 2000 makes it possible to produce perfectly standard product batches quickly.

Products of the ROSASOL® range intrinsic quality is further enhanced by controlled-atmosphere packing and a careful selection of heavy metal-free and insoluble residue-free raw materials.

ROSASOL®: a wide product range

Rosier S.A. has divided the ROSASOL® into 5 major categories, according to the ratio of NPK elements they contain.  Each of them is designed for specific needs at different plant development stages.  The ROSASOL® also incorporates the ROSAMICRO range, along with is sulphate or chelate-based trace elements.